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The Business Kickstart Contest & Gift Away

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Are you a business owner? Do you want to be successful in your business but just don’t know how? Don’t worry, you are not alone in this. Many business owners these days don’t have as many customers as they would have wanted to have. They did everything they can in their power, but to no avail. But don’t fret because here is the answer to your prayer, the solution to your problem.

Introducing: The Business Kickstart Contest & Gift Away

Here, you will win great prizes and numerous business resources from top business building experts like:

  1. Nicole Dean
  2. Kelly McCausey
  3. Lynn Terry
  4. Kevin Riley
  5. David Perdew

Head over to the link above so you can have the chance to get the prizes you need to be successful! Enter now and win!


5 Tips to Get Your Post Noticed

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????It’s true that “content is king” as the saying goes when it comes to blogging. But more than that, there are more ways you can adapt to make sure that your post gets noticed… and not only that… that your post gets shared as well.

Read on…
1. Don’t be afraid to stir up some controversy
State your strong opinion about something on your blog. It can be liberating and refreshing and people will love to read it.
2. Focus on creating something relatable
You create content for humans, not for machines or robots so make sure that it’s something that your readers can resonate with.
3. Find a way to provide inspiration
Quotes generally are loved by readers. They get more retweets and shares than questions or plainly telling a story. So use quotes. If you know of other ways to inspire others through your blog, do it.

These are just three things you can do to help get your blog post noticed. There’s still more! Head to this link to find out more: How to Create Content That People Actually Want to Read (And Share)

Add Photos to Increase Conversion

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????It’s not enough that you post text content on your blog. it would be better if you add images that go well with the article as well. Why? Because images can help increase engagement of your readers which will eventually lead to conversion and sales.

Below are the reasons why you should do this:

1. Emotions rule

Emotions help elicit emotions from your audience.

2. Consider getting a mascot

Take the MailChimp monkey for instance. Having mascots like this can help with branding.

3. Give your images a human touch

Put up a photo of you in there to make your readers know that there’s a person in there behind every post.

4. Think outside the box

Go out of your comfort zone, be unique, stand out!

5. Show validation

Have some testimonials in there with a photo of the person.

6. It’s about them, not you

Your images should look like customers who are having fun using your products.

7. Stop using bad, stock photos

Use new and original photos.

For more information about this, please head to:  Increase conversion and engagement with images

Sure Fire Ways to Increase Email Sign-Ups

sign-up-free-clipboard-pen-website-icon-16878895The ways that are shared below are kind of subtle. They’ve already helped other internet marketers drive their email sign-ups and for sure these tips will help you too. Read on…

1. Use time-sensitive language – By doing so, you motivate people to act and to act fast!

2. Tell unusual stories – In today’s online world, your content needs to stand out to catch readers’ attention.

3. Include social proof in a natural (real) way – Being the first to do something without the assurance that you will succeed is pretty scary. People wants to know that others have gone before them and have succeeded so they get inspired to foller their lead.

To find out more about this, please head to: 5 Subtle Writing Strategies That Drive Email Signups


Even Coaches Have a Coach

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Learning is a continuous process. You don’t stop learning just because you are already an expert on your field. Things always change and it’s always best to keep up with the times. So even if you are a coach, you should always seek out to learn more from people who know better than you. This is why even coaches have a coach!

But know what kind of a coach you are and what kind of a coach you need. A life coach is different from a business coach!

Life coaches directs you into finding your own solutions while business coaches give you a step-by-step process to achieve your goals!

To find out more about this, please head to: Why coaches have a coach

How to Boost Engagement in Facebook

facebook-set-like-icons-white-background-41196584Do you have an online business? Do you have a Facebook page for your business? Are you aware that there are things you can do to your page that will make you reach more of your target audience? Below are ten things you can do for free to boost your Facebook engagement:

1. Remember That Image is Everything – By uploading relevant pictures, you will get more like and retweets.

2.  Align With Viral Trends – Look for a viral content and repurpose it within your own Facebook community and audience.

3. Post Engaging Content – This is actually the simplest way. When more and more people like it and comment, the more it will appear on their feeds.

4. Listen and Engage – Don’t just keep posting about your brand, post something that the audience can relate to as well. Remember, you’re pon Facebook not to sell but to make a lasting impression to your target market.

These are just some of the things you can do to help boost engagement on your Facebook page. To find out more, please head to this link: 10 Free Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement
10 Free Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement
10 Free Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement


SEO Research – a Must for Site Traffic

seo-word-flat-illustration-design-modern-vector-concept-combined-elements-icons-which-symbolized-success-internet-35512087If you want more traffic for your site, you must do a proper SEO research so you know which keywords to use for your website or blog. You must also use text as much as possible and not embed these much needed texts in images. Using the right keywords for the text or content of your site will let the search engines search your site more. This is because search engines favor text over images. But should you want to add text to your images, you can attach words as “alt text”. This way, search engines get to read it too.

Aside from doing proper SEO research for your site, you can also do the following to help your site get more traffic:

  • Marketing your business onlin through Google and similar sites.
  • Using Social Media Apps for reviews
  • Email list
  • Regular offline marketing

To know more about these things, please head to: Why you need to do your SEO research — my big surprise!