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Repurpose Your Products

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????There are so many things you can do to multiply your streams of income online. One of which is to repurpose a product you already have.

Below are some examples:

  • Make an eBook out of your webinar
  • Make training materials out of a live course
  • Make an audio file out of a video
  • Make a membership program out of a self-study program

Of course not all products can be repurposed but those described above are definitely worth a shot.

In the blog post, How to repurpose a webinar into an e-book — and whyyou will find a step-by-step guide on how to make this possible. So head there now, learn it and apply!


Tips for Making a Perfect Mobile-Friendly Online Store

mobile-website-icon-38007157Mobile users make up a huge percentage of our consumers today. So if you have an online business, make sure that it is mobile friendly too. Make sure that mobile users can easily navigate on your site, choose what to buy, purchase what they need and check out.

So how do you do this? How can you make sure that your online store is mobile friendly?

Here are some awesome tips you can follow:

1. Make it simple.

2. Make it fast.

3. Keep the touch factor in mind.

4. Easy shopping cart and checkout process.

It’s all about making your online site responsive on mobile devices.

To find out more how you can do these tips, head over here: How You Can Create A Mobile Friendly Online Store


How to Promote Your Old Blog Posts

website-traffic-22545376Even without writing new blog posts, you can still increase your traffic by promoting your old blog posts. So how do you do this? below are four (4) ways:

Social Media Promotion

There’s facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Linkedin, etc. I assume that your readers and target customers do have accounts in these social networks as well. What better way to reach them and invite them back to your site than to promote your old blog posts via these social channels.

Email List Promotion

The key to any profitable website is the email list. With an email list, you not only get a substantial amount of subscribers and customers, but a huge amount of traffic as well. What you do is just write powerful headlines that will entice your email newsletter recipients to open your mail.

Commenting on Other Blogs

When you comment on other people’s blog posts, you automatically increase your traffic. Just don’t overdo it. Doing this 2-4 times a month is enough unless you want Google to think your spamming other sites.

Updating Old Blog Posts

One way to do this is by interlinking. By doing so, you lead your readers to opening your other blog posts which means more traffic.

To get more ideas on how to do this, please go to: 4 Ways to Promote Your Old Blog Posts

How to Format a Good Free Report for Your Website

pdf-download-button-25609821Building an online business can be tough especially if you don’t have the right tools to help you grow your business. One of which is a web form that people fill out so they can join your email list and another is a free report that they can subscribe to like a PDF download.

Now, how can you format your report in such a way that it can attract more leads and customers?

Here are five (5) steps:

  1. Add headings – so it would be easier for browse for topics that interest them.
  2. Use bulleted numbered lists – this helps break up a long paragraph of boring texts.
  3. Use color – to  catch attention.
  4. Add images – to help paint a thousand words.
  5. Add an attractive cover – to make your report look more professional

To know more about how to make a good free report, please head to this link: 5 steps to formatting your free report and getting a better response