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5 Tips to Improve your Content Marketing for the Coming Year

content-marketing-seo-concept-words-texts-45428847How was your content marketing strategy for 2014? Dit it work for your business? If you feel like you did not reach the goals you intended and you think you need to do more, below are some ways you can try to do more.

1. Consider your readers: your ideal customers
Know who your target market. Once you know who they are, what are their likes and dislikes, their buying behavior and such, your content creation will become easier and it will easily attract your target market.

2. Remember email: give it the attention it deserves
Email marketing takes a little effort especially when incorporated in an auroresponder series. They get opened and they get remembered which eventually helps gets results.

3. Snap photos: use them everywhere
Find photo opportunities everywhere and take pictures everyday. Don’t forget to use them in your content creation.

4. Share and RESHARE your content
People aren’t always tuned to their social media networks 24/7 so make sure you share your content every now and then. Use a scheduler like Hootsuite to make it less time consuming for you.

5. Add calls to action to everything
Tell people what you want them to do. Every content should have a call to action.

For more insights regarding this, please head to: 5 Ways to Energize Content Marketing in 2015



Blogging Platforms Perfect for Beginners

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Do you know that there is a blog being born every half second? This is according to Cnet’s study. With that said, if you’re a newbie blogger and would like to know where best to first set up a blog, you have five choices. They are as follow:

1. WordPress – touted to be the best blogging platform because of its limitless possibilities.

2. Ghost – a new blogging platform that is perfect for personal blogging.

3. Blogger – still the number one choice among casual bloggers.

4. Tumblr – a platform perfect for microblogging

5. TypePad – this one is a premium blogging platform that you’d have to pay for every month.

To weigh the pros and cons of each blogging platform so you can choose better where to blog, please head to this link: 5 Blogging Platforms That’ll Encourage You To Write & Great For Beginners


Optimize Your Blog With Related Posts

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????One of the things you can do to improve SEO on your website is to maximize the use of related posts. There are two ways to do this:

1. Display related posts – this is usually displayed at the end of each post. By using a certain plug-in, related posts to your current blog post will be displayed at the bottom. This will entice your readers to click on those links and thereby stay longer on your site.

2. Display most popular posts – this is similar to the first one but instead of displaying related posts, it displays the most popular ones and this plug-in is typically found at the sidebar. Again, interested readers will click on the links and make them stay longer on your site.

There are still other ways to help improve your SEO. To find out more, please head to: Use WordPress plug-ins to improve SEO with related posts and breadcrumbs

Tips to Finding More Clients

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????It’s just but normal for business owners to want to have more customers. If your business is online, where do you get more?

Below are venues and ways where and how you can find more clients for your online business:

1. Use Linkedin Outreach To Gain Leads. Use “people you may know” area to connect with people

2. Combine Email List Marketing with New Content. Send emails to your contacts as you build your email list and write guest posts. 

3. Use Quora to pick up some leads.

4. Reach out on a personal level to your connections, especially those that you already have relationships with.

These are just four tips in finding more clients. To know more, please head here: How to Find More Clients – 7 Tips from 7 Experts

Linking Tips to Increase Your Web Traffic

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Linking is part of SEO or search engine optimization. It’s one of the things you do on your website to make sure that it’s easy for people to find you on Google and other search engines. But then linking should be done carefully. You must be able to know the latest in the search engine algorithms so your site don’t get penalized, otherwise, your site might not rank in the search engines at all.

Below are some tips you can use when linking:

1. Do internal linking – this is when you link to a particular page or post in your website. This tells the search spiders that those sites are important too. It also catches the interest of  your readers and make them stay longer on your site.

2. Do link to category pages – When you link to a particular list of category on your page, it leads your readers to a bunch of other  related pages on your site.

3. Use sidebar widgets to create internal links – You can put links, lists and other categories on your sidebar.

To know more about these linking strategies and why they’re helpful in increasing your website traffic, please head to this link: Simple SEO steps you can take now to increase your website traffic

Marketing Untangled eBook

social card MU bookDo you want to be an expert in marketing? Or at least be familiar with the ins and outs of how you can market your products and services? A marketing guru has just been born all the way from Iceland — Thoranna Kristin Jonsdottir of and she has just launched her eBook, Marketing Untangled. It’s now top one on the Amazon bestseller marketing and small business list.

All the tips there are practical and easy to apply to your business. The marketing jungle will definitely be untangled for you!

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