Tips on How to Be a Top Blogger

love-blogging-26336587As cliche as it sounds, “Content is always king.” You’re probably tired of hearing this but it’s true. However, it’s not just about writing amazing and unique content for your blog that will make you a top blogger. Below are some more tips on how you can belong to the top 5% of bloggers:

1. Give yourself enough time to create quality work. Strong writing is a product of many factors, but those factors always include time for proofreading,editing, fact-checking, and rewriting.

2. A monthly post that your reader remembers (and shares) is worth a lot more than a weekly post they’ll forget. A memorable monthly article beats four soft weekly posts every time.

3. Try putting this on your publishing schedule: go big at least twice a year. Epic posts. Game-changing posts.

To know more insights about how to be a top blogger, please head to this post: How to Be in the Top 5% of Bloggers: New Research Results


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