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6 Helpful Tips on Building a Website

builder-carpenter-working-roof-21096509Below are six helpful tips that every website builder should adhere to in order for their site visitors to keep coming back for more.

1. Create a logo or a brand that is right and consistent with your business. Make sure your logo is branded everywhere you are, from your blog to social media to review sites.

2. Use smart navigation. Make sure that it’s easy for your visitors to navigate your website.

3. De-clutter. Make your website light and easy to browse.

4. Ditch the stock photos. Use your own photographs instead.

5. Be social. By this we mean be active on social media.

6. Be mobile-ready. Make sure that your website is responsive to mobile devices.

To find out more about this, please head to:  6 Handy Website Building Tips


Tools You Can Use in Growing Your Online Business

video-camera-8231670There are various tools one can use to help grow an online business. But let me focus on those tools for recording and editing video and audio files. Below are three of the most useful:


Here, you can make slides either with or without animation. Just choose File, Send & then Save or Export to create a video.


This is screen-capturing and editing tool. Whatever is on your computer screen, Camtasia can record it. Then you can  add captions, transitions, etc. . It also provides a library of preset animations.


This is used for delivering live webinars but you can also use it to record your screen just like Camtasia.

Once you’ve created your video product, you can then embed it on your site or upload it on Youtube.

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How to Build Brand Loyalty Through Social Media

word-cloud-brand-loyalty-wording-36319115It is important to take the time to build brand loyalty among your customers. One way to do this is through the help of social media. Through the various online social platforms available today, it has now become easy for various brands to build relationships with their customers.

Below are five things you can do on social media to ensure loyalty of your customers to your brand:

1. Don’t sell your product. Provide value instead. 

2. Start a family by humanizing the character of your brand. 

3. Show that you care by providing solutions to the current problems in your area, industry or field.

4. Reward your loyal customers/

5. Provide good customer service by answering all queries as honestly as you can. 

To find out more how you can build brand loyalty among your customers, please head to this link: 5 Ways to Build Brand Loyalty on Social Media


Offering Free Downloads Can Help Grow Your Online Business

online-business-free-download-1Growing your online business is no easy feat. You need to do things step by step but once you get the hang of it, then everything will just fall into place and work like clock work.

Ellen Finkelstein is sharing some awesome tips on how to do this. And one of the things she mentioned is by offering a free download. The download could be for any of the following:

  • E-books or Guides
  • Templates or Presentations
  • Research & Reports (ex: State of Inbound Marketing)
  • White papers

By doing this, the people who visit your website will be enticed to sign up to your email list and that alone is valuable enough.

To know more about this process, please head to the following link: Grow Your Online Business: Day 9 (Ultimate Blog Challenge) Why you need a free download and what it should be

How LinkedIn Can Help Your Business

linkedin-photo-homepage-monitor-screen-magnifying-glass-38835142With its 277 million members worldwide, LinkedIn is definitely one of the most popular social networking sites around. As a marketer, these figures would mean business but only if you know how to use it to your advantage.

Below are five (5) ways you can apply to your business when it comes to using LinkedIn to further boost your sales.

1. Increase Your Presence In The Industry – by joining LinkedIn, you reach a wider audience and make other people that might be interested in your business be aware of your products and services.

2. Establish Yourself As A Genuine Resource – by participating in the discussions in various LinkedIn groups related to your business, you help potential customers answer needs they may have. By doing this, you get to act as an expert in your field and sales will soon follow.

3. Learn About New Technologies And Practices – When you join Linkedin Group discussions, you are one of the first to be aware of the newest products and services in the market which you could include in your business. By doing so, when potential customers later ask you about it, you can then tell them that you already have that in your business portfolio. Again, you will be seen as being ahead of the curve.

4. Solve Your Business Challenges (without having to reinvent the wheel every time) – By being one of the problem solvers in your niche and sharing these solutions in LinkedIn discussions, you further establish yourself as the go-to source for such concerns.

5. Find New Sources Of Business Capital – When you join LinkedIn discussions in various groups, you build relationships with people that may be bigger than your business. They may be business owners, CEOs, venture capitalists, executives, etc. They may not only be your possible mentors but could potentially invest in your business as well.

For more insights about how LinkedIn can help you and your business grow, please refer to this link: Five Ways LinkedIn Can Be Used To Boost Your Business

The Ultimate Blog Challenge – How to Grow Your Online Business is offering an ultimate blog challenge by teaching us all how we can grow our online business. This is a FREE course which was introduced by Ellen Finkelstein on April 1.

Here is how the whole month will look like according to Ellen:

The 1st week is Make Your Website Rock! I’ll explain what your website needs to include on the home page, tell you which is the most important page of your website,  what makes a great website, give you 5 quick sources for blog post ideas, and more.

The 2nd week is Reach the World and it’s all about growing your list. This is SO important for your success. I’ll talk about strategy and technology and cover both email subscribers and social mediafollowers.

We haven’t talked about making money yet, so the 3rd week is all about Creating and Selling Products. I’ll show you how to create products quickly and how to sell them.

In week 4, I’m going to stretch you to really grow fast with Partnerships and Events. All successful marketers partner with others and use events to bring in the crowds. I’ll talk about no-money partnerships and affiliate partnerships. Then I’ll talk about events such as webinars and multi-speaker summits. I once grew my list by 3,000 people with a multi-speaker event, so I know how powerful this can be. I’ll explain to you how to plan and deliver your first one.

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3 Ways to Market on Facebook

facebook-like-us-icon-johor-malaysia-sep-photo-monitor-screen-as-today-largest-social-media-network-36274916Facebook, being one of the more popular social networks on the planet, is also one of those platforms used by marketers to market their products and services. It should be noted though that Facenbook’s algorithm, just like Google’s, changes from time to time and what may have worked last year, may no longer be effective this year.

Below are three important ad tactics that marketers can apply when marketing on Facebook today:

  1. Find the right app by looking for a third-party ad-management application that offers freedom and ease of use.
  2. Expand on proven organic content by taking an already popular ad and put some advertising money in it.
  3. Target small by targeting only those that will likely engage.

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