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The Right Way to Do Guest Blogging

dog-welcome-home-26629661It was last Jan. 20, 2014 when the head of Google’s Webspam team, Matt Cutts, wrote an article “The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO.” This gave guest blogging a different meaning and purpose, well, actually, a purpose that it originally intended to give. But due to people who wanted a shortcut in SEO (search engine optimization), guest blogging has become all about linking for ranking purposes instead of having true exposure to readers and partnership with another blogger.

So now, when and if you do guest blogging, be guided by the following:

  • Avoid writing for a blog with a lot of guest posts
  • Know what the other blogger’s blog is all about so you would know what to write as well.
  • See if the other blog is well-written and if it gets a lot of comments.
  • Try not to sue too many keywords
  • Keep a short bio with only a single link to your own blog.

For more information about this, please head to: Is guest blogging dead? What Google said and what you need to know




Social Media Moves for 2014

social-media-buttons-logotype-collection-well-known-network-brand-s-placed-modern-computer-keyboard-31471875If you are using social media to help your business grow and not just for personal purposes, then take a look at the list of the Top 10 Social Media Tips & Predictions For 2014. You might wanna take heed if you want to help your brand become noticed.

1. Expect certain networks to gain attention. 
2. Do not count out social media through mobile devices.
3. Blogging will become a greater digital monster.
4. There will be a prevalence of job openings in social media.
5. Posts will retain the “less-is-more” mentality.
6. Content will see more of a graphical focus.
7. Video content will prove more effective in displaying brand personality.
8. People will be more careful about what they post on social media.
9. Genuineness will be that much more important on social media.
10. Don’t forget about certain networks.

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How to Sell More

home-sale-sign-27300633Persuading people to buy your products or services can be a lot more challenging than you think. Even if people need your product, selling them is still not that easy. But there is a particular technique you can use in order to sell more of your products online. Let’s call this technique DBD – Discount, Bonuses, Deadline.

1. Discount – When you offer a discount, people will feel like they are getting more value for their money. It’s always nice to feel like you were able to strike a deal even if you actually end up buying more than you originally intended.

2. Bonuses – By adding bonuses to what you’re selling, people will feel like they’ve struck an even greater deal and for them that is always good.

3. Deadline – People may get motivated to buy more from you if you have discounts and bonuses but that doesn’t mean that they actually will. By setting a deadline for the bonuses and discounts, they will become more motivated to finally make a decision and buy.

To know more how you can sell your products and services better, please head to this link: DBD: A technique to increase your sales




Articles on Social Media Marketing You Ought to Read

social-media-marketing-26314167If you would like to grow your business, it is important to be able to tap into the powers of social media. Everything is social now. It is where your potential and current customers are. By leveraging on these social media channels, you will be able to attain the objectives of your business.

Below are some articles you can read to understand better how you can use social media to your advantage.

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How Can Videos Improve Your Business?

sell-your-videos-earn-money-online-concept-uploading-social-media-33418130Put yourself in the position of your customers. Which online posts would you want to visit or read more? Posts that are plain text? Posts with photos? Or Posts with videos?

Below are some of the reasons you should put in mind when publishing posts for your business:

  1. Posts with videos will attract almost 3 times more links than a plain text post

  2. In  one trial, videos attracted 200% – 300% more traffic

  3. Video promotion is over 6 times more effective than print and online

These are just three of the major reasons why you should consider putting up a video when publishing your next online posts for your business.

To find out more, please head to: 7 reasons video can improve your business

How Do You Keep Your Audience Engaged?

food-photos-collage-19709043How do you make sure that your potential readers get to read your blog posts from start to finish? At this day and age of readers lacking attention and focus (or so they say), it could be a challenge for you dear bloggers to keep your readers interested especially if you have a very long post to share. But don’t fret coz it’s not yet too late. You can still do something to catch your readers’ attention and keep them reading. It’s all about the imagery. These tips below should help:

 1. It’s All About Positioning Baby!

2. Go Ahead… Use Captions With Your Blog Post Images 

3. Use More Than One Image on Long Posts

4. Add a Featured Image

5. Deal With Slow Loading Images

To know more how to apply these tips, please head to this link: Blog Post Images Rule! 5 Ways to Hold Your Readers Attention for Longer


How to Get Them to Respond to Your Email

email-stamp-14336750How do you get people to open your email, much more respond to them? The success of your business depends on this so you have to do everything you can to make your newsletters and emails engaging.

Below are simple ways you can practice to get your email and newsletter recipients respond.

1. Send the email as you, not as your company

2. Suggest that recipients forward the email

3. Add social media links

4. Use linked images

Find out more how you can do these tips properly by clicking this link: 4 ways to get more email responses

Your business success is dependent on getting people to open — and respond to — your emails. But how do you get more email responses from your newsletters?