Add Photos to Increase Conversion

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????It’s not enough that you post text content on your blog. it would be better if you add images that go well with the article as well. Why? Because images can help increase engagement of your readers which will eventually lead to conversion and sales.

Below are the reasons why you should do this:

1. Emotions rule

Emotions help elicit emotions from your audience.

2. Consider getting a mascot

Take the MailChimp monkey for instance. Having mascots like this can help with branding.

3. Give your images a human touch

Put up a photo of you in there to make your readers know that there’s a person in there behind every post.

4. Think outside the box

Go out of your comfort zone, be unique, stand out!

5. Show validation

Have some testimonials in there with a photo of the person.

6. It’s about them, not you

Your images should look like customers who are having fun using your products.

7. Stop using bad, stock photos

Use new and original photos.

For more information about this, please head to:  Increase conversion and engagement with images


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