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Start Your Own Business – 4 Steps

business-breakfast-4348034It is pretty scary to start your own business especially if you don’t have much funds to work with at the get go. However, you need not let this hinder your entrepreneurial spirit. Here’s what you do. Let these four (4) steps guide you.

1. Make a plan – Like anything else, it is important to have a plan. Make one. Make a business plan with your goals all written down and the time frame you need to accomplish everything.

2. Create an in-between – You need not quit from your job all at once. You can do it slowly by taking in part-time work instead of full-time. You can decrease your number of workload as your business starts to get off the ground.

3. Develop your online business before you quit – Make sure that your online business is already developed enough before you even quit your full-time job. You will be spending a lot of hours for this but it will all be worth it especially when your livelihood will soon depend on it.

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How to Add Social Proof to Your Site – 3 Ways

customer-service-satisfaction-survey-tick-placed-awesome-checkbox-form-31167813Social Proof is when someone finds out about what others are doing and it creates a positive influence on them. So when it comes to buying products or availing services from your business, social proof is important. And when added to your website, it creates a very positive effect on your bottom line.

Below are three ways you can add social proof to your site:

1. Reviews – Having people review your products and services will add to your company’s credibility. Nowadays, before consumers buy anything, they’d a;ways check out corresponding online reviews and if they like what they read, then the more likely they will buy the product or service.

2. Testimonials – Similar to reviews, having testimonials about your products can increase the trust factor of people wanting to buy your products or services.

3. Case Studies – This is so much more powerful because it is based on a deeper level of study and research.

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How to Make a Sale from Your Opt-Ins

sale-tags-16031529The goal of your web forms or opt-ins is to eventually make a sale, right? So how do you make sure that this goal os reached?  Below are a few tips…

1. Have the right content – the content should contain something that they want. Make your offer valuable to them that they couldn’t resist it. You can make this possible by first knowing what is the problem or need or your target market and then offer the solution for it.

2. have multiple free offers – by offering them more valuable stuff, your market now has a lot of options to choose from and will more likely get at least one.

3. Write an enticing title – it should immediately grab a person’s attention by including a benefit in the title.

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Are you busy? Here are 5 awesome blogging tips to help you…

woman-working-blogging-home-office-glasses-laptop-40727965Blogging takes up so much time, I know. I used to author 11 blogs and I got burned out. With the million things that we do day in and day out, how does a blogger set aside time to actually write a post and make it publish-worthy? Below are five awesome tips you can follow:

1 – Don’t Just Plan, Set a Reminder

Use your calendar or if you have a calendar app the better.

2 – Put It on Paper

Get a notebook and write! There is no better way to put your thoughts into words than by writing it on real solid paper. It’s free from technological distractions and glitches.

3 – Research on the Go

But it’s also nice to have your gadgets around for research purposes. It saves time and you get to have a lot done in no time.

4 – Less Is More

Control yourself when it comes to joining all kinds of social networks and downloading all sorts of apps. It takes up so much time, distracts you from your goal of getting a blog post done and just serves as clutter in your inbox most of the time.

5 – Follow the Right Training

Follow the right bloggers, join the right community and follow the right kind of training. Need I say more?

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