How to Add Social Proof to Your Site – 3 Ways

customer-service-satisfaction-survey-tick-placed-awesome-checkbox-form-31167813Social Proof is when someone finds out about what others are doing and it creates a positive influence on them. So when it comes to buying products or availing services from your business, social proof is important. And when added to your website, it creates a very positive effect on your bottom line.

Below are three ways you can add social proof to your site:

1. Reviews – Having people review your products and services will add to your company’s credibility. Nowadays, before consumers buy anything, they’d a;ways check out corresponding online reviews and if they like what they read, then the more likely they will buy the product or service.

2. Testimonials – Similar to reviews, having testimonials about your products can increase the trust factor of people wanting to buy your products or services.

3. Case Studies – This is so much more powerful because it is based on a deeper level of study and research.

There are still other ways to add social proof to your site. You can find out more about it here: 5 Ways To Add Social Proof To Your Website


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