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Get Your Sales Going This Halloween

halloween-26401265Halloween is one of the happiest holidays around. It’s not just for kids with all the tricks and treats but it’s for adults as well (who want to feel like kids again, like me, hehehe). Anyway because people are always on the lookout for sales when holiday season comes around, why not use this to your advantage and entice more people to buy from you. How? Well below are three ways that can help you sell this Halloween:

1. Word Play – Use phrases like “Spooktacular Sale”, “Scary Good Deal”, “Sweet Savings”. Phrases like this will entice more customers to buy because int’s in tune with the season.

2. Free Halloween Gift with every purchase of… – When a Halloween gift offer is in the works, it will make people want to buy more.

3. Extend it to Fall season – There’s a lot of other themes and things to play with come Fall so include it in your agenda when selling.

For more insights on how to go about doing this, please head to: Tricks & Treats for Halloween sales!



Boost Site Traffic Through Google Plus

google-plus-social-icon-20438843You can boost your website traffic by posting your blog links on Google Plus. How come? You might ask. Well, it’s because of these three things:

1. Google Plus is owned by Google.

2. Google search is what most people use when searching for stuff online.

3. Google gives importance to links that are being posted on Google Plus.

It really is that simple. So all you have to do is make sure that you have a G+ account. If you’re logged in to your Youtube account or Gmail, you’re also automatically logged in to your G+ account. Now, what you have to do is just optimize your Google Plus. Join circles, follow people, add your contacts from your other social networks. Then start posting your blog links to your G+ account.

For more information on how to do this, please head to:  Increase website traffic with Google+ posts




How to Promote Your Blog Content – Here Are 7 Ways

blogging-guidepost-vector-clip-art-29998292There are more focused platforms out there where you can promote the content of your blogs aside from the various social media platforms. Here are seven:

1. Sniply 
Sniply can help you give context to your links. You can tack an important call to action or message onto a link you share on your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or some other major social media platforms.
2. Outbrain 
Outbrain is a paid syndication service that allows you to connect your content to interested audiences on high profile websites
3. Subreddits 

Because Reddit is the world’s largest online bulletin board, subreddits narrow your target audience to a specific niche.
Here are some examples:
To know the rest of the more focused platforms where you can share your blog content, please head to:  7 Advanced Ways to Promote Your Blog Content

How to Know If Article Directories are Still Useful

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Before Google introduced Panda (a change in Google’s search results algorithms), article directories like still appeared in searches. Now, they no longer do. If you’re used to submitting to article directories before and would like to find out if the articles you’ve submitted are still ranking in search engines or if the links you’ve out in those articles submitted to directories are linking back to your main site, this is what you do:

  1. Open your Google analytics account (

  2. In the left-hand menu, choose Acquisition, All Referrals. By default, Google shows you 10 results, so scroll to the bottom, and on the right, change the Show Rows value to 100, let’s say.

  3. Then, press Ctrl + F to open your browser’s search box and type the URL of the articles directory, or even part of it. For example, you can search for ezine to find

To find out more how to do this, please head to: Google hates article directories

How to Increase Your Leads?

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????To build your online business, you need to also build your list. How do you do this? Well, there are three hings you need to increase as well if you want more people coming into that list of yours. These three things are:

  • content
  • offers
  • landing pages

By increasing these things, you create more opportunities that can help generate more leads for your business.

How do you even begin to do this, especially the offers and the landing pages? Head to this link to find out: Increase subscriptions by 55% by having more offers

How to Choose Amazing Photos for Your Design

tulip-flowers-mothers-day-valentines-stock-photos-easter-card-purple-tulips-gold-pink-background-40091723The stock photos you use on your design will say a lot about your brand so be able to choose them well. Here are five ways to help you spot and choose the right ones:

  1. Get Ideas Across by Using Images Related To Your Content – Make sure that the photos you use are related to your content such that with just one look, your readers will already have the right idea of what your post is all about.
  2. Get in the Mood by Choosing Similar Styles – make sure that the style you choose for your photos resonate with your audience, the tone of the post and your overall brand.
  3. Let Your Text Pop with Some Space – When putting text on your images, make sure that there’s enough space where your text can pop out.
  4. Super-charge Your Designs by Pairing Shapes and Text – If you want to use an image that is pretty busy, meaning there;s not enough space for your text to pop out, you can then add a bright shape for your text to create that space.
  5. Catch Your Audience’s Attention by Using High Quality Images – Looking at blurry pictures make one feel something’s wrong in their eyes. So make sure that your photos are crisp and clear.

To know more about the art of choosing photos for your design, read more here: 5 Ways To Pick Powerful Stock Photos for Your Design

Things to Avoid On Facebook

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Below are two common mistakes people commit when it comes to their Facebook accounts. Make sure to understand them and try to avoid them as much as possible:

Page and Profile are Two Different Terms

You Facebook page is for your business while your Profile page is for your personal stuff. So the contents of the two must be different and shouldn’t overlap so people would recognize your page as your business brand while your profile page is for your personal brand. This also makes it easy for the search engine algorithms to categorize and evaluate your page better.

Visuals Can Only Help So Much

You might not know this but it’s important that the images you use to upload on your Facebook should have a name like IMAGE67 or Photo9. This will make your photo rank higher in the search engines and increase the availability of your content.

To learn more about these Facebook mistakes to avoid, please head here: Common Facebook Mistakes to Avoid