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Develop an Affiliate Program to Build Your List

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????If you want to partner with someone online, you can offer unlimited future commissions in exchange with sending people to your website for some free bonus packages. This is what an affiliate arrangement is all about.

Affiliate arrangements are very effective because people would always want to sign up for free products. As long as people won’t have to buy anything, they would always be willing to sign up for some bonuses!

More and more people would do so if there are also other people who would lead them to your site. That’s where the affiliates come in. And once the people who they led to your site subscribe or sign up and eventually buy something from you (either a product or service), that’s the time you give them their commissions.

But wait, it’s not that easy though. There’s a process that you can follow to make it a lot simpler than it looks.

Head to this link to find out more: Anatomy of a free affiliate arrangement



How to Entice Your Blog Readers

bear-hug-closeup-portrait-senior-mature-man-motioning-arms-to-come-give-him-isolated-white-background-positive-human-39480383Enticing your blog readers means that you make them come back regularly for more of your updates. How do you do this?

Below are 4 ways you can do to make your readers come back for more:

1. Write Informative And Compelling Content

When your content is compelling and informative enough, your readers will of course be drawn to your site’s content and will want to come back to know more.

2. Proofread Thoroughly

It’s so discouraging to read a post with so many typographical and grammatical errors. So make sure proofread your post before publishing.

3. Encourage Your Readers To Subscribe And Follow Your Social Media Accounts

Make it easy for your readers to find you by placing a subscribe button on your site as well as social media buttons.

4. Create An Easy-To-Navigate And Readable Website

Make your website pleasing in the eyes of your readers. Though SEO is important, makse sure that the user’s experience while on your site is also easy, breezy and light.

To know more about this, please head to: 4 Ways To Make Readers Come Back For More

How to Create Global Events

global-film-movies-festival-showcase-presenting-17390674Holding webinars is one way of creating global events. No matter which part of the world people come from, they can always register for your webinar.

Below are things you can do to make your global event more meaningful and helpful for your global participants:

1. Include more than one time zone.

2. Keep track of your attanedees’ country. 

3. Offer free recording. 

For more insight on how to create a global event that your participants will find helpful and interesting, please head to this page: Change the world by creating global events



Why Do We Blog for Business?

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Below are five awesome reasons why we blog for business and if you haven’t yet, then these are why you should start:

1. Boost Search Ranking – When you blog, you’re making a better keyword focus for your site.

2. Increase Your Income – You can advertise, sell products or publish sponsored blog posts.

3. Build a Network – It’s a platform for you to connect with like-minded people.

4. Learn New Skills – In blogging, there’s always something new to learn.

5. Control Your Online Identity and Stay Informed – Maintaining a blog keeps you informed of what’s going on in your industry.

To know more why you should blog for business, please head to this link: Five Awesome Benefits of Blogging for Business

How to Increase Your Online Sales

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????If you have an online business, there are things you can do to help increase your sales. Here are a few:

  1. You can add a product offer at a discounted price.
  2. Have a link to a free download.
  3. Add an offer to emails you send out to your subscribers.
  4. Add offers in your autoresponders.
  5. Include a free offer to another product.
  6. You can include affiliate links in your offerings. 

For more insight on how you can do this, please head to: 6 quick ways to increase your sales right now




Questions Every Blogger Should Ask

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Are you a blogger? Are you having a hard time maintaining your blog? Below are four questions you can ask yourself to help you become a better blogger.

1. Would I read my blog if it wasn’t mine? This question is pretty simple. If you yourself can’t bear reading your own post, then how much more for other people? So make sure it’s interesting and unique and will resonate with your readers.

2. Am I hiding behind my blog? Make sure you have at least a photo of your face on your About Page. Your blog has to have a face. It needs to be quite personal so when people read your blog, it will feel like they’re relating with you. This way you can gain your readers’ trust.

3. Am I making the most opportunities that come my way? Take whatever opportunity that comes your way as a blogger. Are you invited to guest post? Do it! Are you invited to be a resource person for a product? Go for it! This way, your reach will widen and your blog profile and traffic will increase.

4. Am I happy? Sometimes, bloggers fall into a rut and a sense of demotivation. When that happens, take some time away from it all and do other important things. Once you’ve filled your cup with joy, you’ll find yourself raring to go blogging again, this time, with more stories to tell and with more energy to burn.

For more insight about this, please head to: 4 Questions Every Blogger Should Ask Themselves

Use PowerPoint to Make Buy Now Buttons

buy-now-buttons-28727169Do you know how to use PowerPoint?

Do you know how to create graphics using PowerPoint for your website?

Do You know that in PowerPoint, you can create Buy Now buttons for your website? Yes! And you can do this for free!

There is a detailed instruction you can follow when you head to this link: Create free Buy Now buttons in PowerPoint

Go there now and watch the 6-minute video.