Why Does No One Read My Blog?

girl-read-book-20530917If you have noticed that no one is visiting your blog, it might be the right time to ask yourself why. And this is where I can help you. I’ll share with you below the top three reasons why people don’t read your blog and perhaps you can do something about it starting now.

1. It’s all about you. – Just like in presentations, it should always be about the audience. In this case, when blogging, you should keep in mind what your readers need and want. If it’s just going to be about you, you might as well just write on your diary instead.

2. It’s not useful. – This is related to the first one above. If you are not answering questions and needs that your readers may have, then you’ll be all alone benefiting from your blog posts.

3. It’s too “buttoned-up”. – This is where your personality will come in. By adding a touch of your personality, then you can gain the trust of your readers and followers.

For more insight about this, please head to: 3 Reasons Why No One Is Reading Your Blog


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3 responses to “Why Does No One Read My Blog?”

  1. Opinionated Man says :

    No other reasons than 3? 🙂

  2. The Blogging Rapper says :

    Very very true! 🙂 Make it about the reader, not the writer!

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