What You Need to Have Before Making Online Partnerships

job-interview-shake-hands-18611489You probably already know this but it’s good to remind you again. In online businesses, it’s always better to partner with somebody.  But before you do this, make sure that both parties have the following components in place before you ask someone to partner with you or before you agree to partner with someone else:

1. A blog – so you can trade blog posts.

2. An email newsletter – so you can promote your blog posts here as well as your products and services.

3. Products – this means online products that people can buy online.

4. A free download – when you partner with someone, you get to promote their free download so you better have one too which they can promote as well.

5. An affiliate program – this has to be easy to join to and must be supported by good customer service.

To find out more about this, please head to: Are you ready to partner with other entrepreneurs?


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One response to “What You Need to Have Before Making Online Partnerships”

  1. The Blogging Rapper says :

    Very good info 🙂 I follow that same 5 step formula as well!

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