5 Tips to Improve your Content Marketing for the Coming Year

content-marketing-seo-concept-words-texts-45428847How was your content marketing strategy for 2014? Dit it work for your business? If you feel like you did not reach the goals you intended and you think you need to do more, below are some ways you can try to do more.

1. Consider your readers: your ideal customers
Know who your target market. Once you know who they are, what are their likes and dislikes, their buying behavior and such, your content creation will become easier and it will easily attract your target market.

2. Remember email: give it the attention it deserves
Email marketing takes a little effort especially when incorporated in an auroresponder series. They get opened and they get remembered which eventually helps gets results.

3. Snap photos: use them everywhere
Find photo opportunities everywhere and take pictures everyday. Don’t forget to use them in your content creation.

4. Share and RESHARE your content
People aren’t always tuned to their social media networks 24/7 so make sure you share your content every now and then. Use a scheduler like Hootsuite to make it less time consuming for you.

5. Add calls to action to everything
Tell people what you want them to do. Every content should have a call to action.

For more insights regarding this, please head to: 5 Ways to Energize Content Marketing in 2015



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