How to Choose Amazing Photos for Your Design

tulip-flowers-mothers-day-valentines-stock-photos-easter-card-purple-tulips-gold-pink-background-40091723The stock photos you use on your design will say a lot about your brand so be able to choose them well. Here are five ways to help you spot and choose the right ones:

  1. Get Ideas Across by Using Images Related To Your Content – Make sure that the photos you use are related to your content such that with just one look, your readers will already have the right idea of what your post is all about.
  2. Get in the Mood by Choosing Similar Styles – make sure that the style you choose for your photos resonate with your audience, the tone of the post and your overall brand.
  3. Let Your Text Pop with Some Space – When putting text on your images, make sure that there’s enough space where your text can pop out.
  4. Super-charge Your Designs by Pairing Shapes and Text – If you want to use an image that is pretty busy, meaning there;s not enough space for your text to pop out, you can then add a bright shape for your text to create that space.
  5. Catch Your Audience’s Attention by Using High Quality Images – Looking at blurry pictures make one feel something’s wrong in their eyes. So make sure that your photos are crisp and clear.

To know more about the art of choosing photos for your design, read more here: 5 Ways To Pick Powerful Stock Photos for Your Design


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