Questions Every Blogger Should Ask

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Are you a blogger? Are you having a hard time maintaining your blog? Below are four questions you can ask yourself to help you become a better blogger.

1. Would I read my blog if it wasn’t mine? This question is pretty simple. If you yourself can’t bear reading your own post, then how much more for other people? So make sure it’s interesting and unique and will resonate with your readers.

2. Am I hiding behind my blog? Make sure you have at least a photo of your face on your About Page. Your blog has to have a face. It needs to be quite personal so when people read your blog, it will feel like they’re relating with you. This way you can gain your readers’ trust.

3. Am I making the most opportunities that come my way? Take whatever opportunity that comes your way as a blogger. Are you invited to guest post? Do it! Are you invited to be a resource person for a product? Go for it! This way, your reach will widen and your blog profile and traffic will increase.

4. Am I happy? Sometimes, bloggers fall into a rut and a sense of demotivation. When that happens, take some time away from it all and do other important things. Once you’ve filled your cup with joy, you’ll find yourself raring to go blogging again, this time, with more stories to tell and with more energy to burn.

For more insight about this, please head to: 4 Questions Every Blogger Should Ask Themselves


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