The Right Way to Do Guest Blogging

dog-welcome-home-26629661It was last Jan. 20, 2014 when the head of Google’s Webspam team, Matt Cutts, wrote an article “The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO.” This gave guest blogging a different meaning and purpose, well, actually, a purpose that it originally intended to give. But due to people who wanted a shortcut in SEO (search engine optimization), guest blogging has become all about linking for ranking purposes instead of having true exposure to readers and partnership with another blogger.

So now, when and if you do guest blogging, be guided by the following:

  • Avoid writing for a blog with a lot of guest posts
  • Know what the other blogger’s blog is all about so you would know what to write as well.
  • See if the other blog is well-written and if it gets a lot of comments.
  • Try not to sue too many keywords
  • Keep a short bio with only a single link to your own blog.

For more information about this, please head to: Is guest blogging dead? What Google said and what you need to know




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