Build Your Email List by Writing an E-Book! Here’s How…

As the cliche goes, there’s magic in the list. And in order to build that list, one of the things you can do is to write an

pile-books-e-book-21395859E-book to entice potential subscribers and buyers. So, how can you write that E-book? Here are six tips below:

1. Write a short E-book – Examples would be a Q&A type of book, a short prescriptive nonfiction book, or a list of 10-25 tools. .

2. Blog a short e-book – Write a series of posts discussing solutions to common problems being experienced by your clients or customers.

3. Use an event transcript as the foundation of your e-book – You can turn your webinar recordings into an E-book.

4. Podcast or speak an e-book – If you find that you usually have time to talk to your recorder during lull moments like when driving or running errands, “speak” your next E-book then just have it transcribed later on.

5. Repurpose existing material into a book – Reuse your existing written materials.

6. Create an e-book consisting of templates – You can package a done-for-you service into an E-book by adding an introduction and some final words to end the topic.

For more information on this, please head to: 6 Ways to Quickly Write an E-book to Build Your Mailing List



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