Calendar System for Your Business

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Do you have a calendar system set up for your business to make sure that you accomplish both small and big things for your company? Probably not yet. Good if you already do. But for those of you who seem to be wasting their time on tasks that do not help your businesses, try plotting everything on  a calendar.

Important tip: Block out those dates that are intended for essential business stuff like

  • client meetings
  • coaching
  • webinars
  • writing blog posts
  • creating products
  • etc.

One thing you can do especially now that the end of the year is at hand is to start planning your activities for next year. Start plotting business activities for each month of 2015 and make sure you follow through.

To get more ideas on how to do this, please go to this link: Creating a calendar that gives you time for everything


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