How to Get More Retweets on Twitter

tweet-three-dimensional-text-bird-sign-d-word-isolated-white-44810024Do you want more retweets on Twitter? Well, here are five things you can do:

1. Great Content

Find out what your niche market is and share content that they will appreciate and find interesting.

2. Retweet Button

Make sure you have a retweet button on your blog or website so it’ll be easier for your visitors and readers to retweet your post should they find it interesting.

3. Hashtags And The @

Use @ to tag people in your network and create your own hashtag to attract attention.

4. Ask For The Retweet

Just simply ask your people in your network to retweet by using the following:

  • Please retweet
  • Pls RT
  • RT

5. Be A Retweeter Yourself

Retweet content of your followers so they will reciprocate as well.

These are just five ways you can do to get more retweets on Twitter. There’s more! Just head to this link: 20 Surefire Ways To Get More Retweets on Twitter



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