Integrity in the Workplace

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Integrity these days, though seemingly dwindling in the world we live in, is still very much important. When times get tough to stay true to your principles, it helps if you have role models to see you through.

Take for instance, the story of Ellen Finkelstein about her dad as well as her experience with a product that did not inspire much integrity:

“…They included creating “fake” Google accounts, including making up a name and choosing a profile picture from the Internet. It recommended deleting cookies in your browser before changing from one account to another so that Google didn’t know you had multiple accounts.”

Ellen ended up asking for a refund of that product.

When  you do something that does not sit well with your principles, it’s best to follow your gut. Though business is business, there’s still no substitute for the benefits you get from doing business the right way.

Read the rest of Ellen’s story here: Why I’m grateful for my father’s integrity


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