What to Do When Someone Hacks Your Website?

internet-hack-17289951Getting hacked can happen to the best of us. Not only do big websites get hacked but even small websites and blogs too! The experience can be devastating and frightening. Even if you have backups for all your online files, it’s still quite a dreadful experience. As the saying goes, prevention to any problem is still the best solution.

So how do you make sure that your website is secure enough not to get hacked? How do you protect your website?

There are tools you can use to add security to your website. Here are two:

Wordfence is the WordPress plug-in that warns you when there’s a problem.

BackupBuddy is a back-up service that backs up your WordPress content and settings.

To know more about these things, please head to this link: Website security: They’re trying to hack your website — I have proof — and what to do about it


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