How to Sell Your Books

books-17283832Are you an author? Are you an author in the process of marketing and selling your books? If yes, then you know that selling books is not an easy as simply writing, editing and publishing. There’s more to it than that.

Below are three things you can do to market your writing so you could sell more books.

1. Join the conversation on social media. 

You have to be able to personally interact with your readers through your social media accounts. If Hollywood actors and celebrities are doing this then so should you.

2. Make the most of your author page.

To make a compelling copy of your Author page, do these things:

  • Use eye-catching headlines
  •  Provoke emotions
  • Don’t avoid controversy

3. Acing the interview

You do this by answering questions directly but leave the audience wanting more.

To know more about these amazing techniques, please head to: How To Market Your Writing To Sell More Books


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