3 Steps to Increasing Website Traffic

amber-traffic-light-city-421463One way to gain more clients or customers for your online business is to increase traffic to your website or blog. How do you do this? And how do you do this fast? Though writing content and widening your social network can help increase your site’s traffic overtime, some of us want it done fast. How?

There are actually three simple and easy steps to do this.

1. Know which of your internal pages are already ranking on google. You can set up an account with google.com/analytics to find out which of your internal pages are already receiving a lot of traffic.

2. Add internal links to these popular internal pages. This will make your other less popular internal pages gain traffic as well.

3. Promote these pages again. Share these old pages to your social networks once again.

To find out more about these steps, please head to: Increase your website traffic with this simple technique



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