Tools You Can Use in Growing Your Online Business

video-camera-8231670There are various tools one can use to help grow an online business. But let me focus on those tools for recording and editing video and audio files. Below are three of the most useful:


Here, you can make slides either with or without animation. Just choose File, Send & then Save or Export to create a video.


This is screen-capturing and editing tool. Whatever is on your computer screen, Camtasia can record it. Then you can  add captions, transitions, etc. . It also provides a library of preset animations.


This is used for delivering live webinars but you can also use it to record your screen just like Camtasia.

Once you’ve created your video product, you can then embed it on your site or upload it on Youtube.

To find out more about these tools, please head to: Grow Your Online Business: Day 21 (Ultimate Blog Challenge) Technology to use for creating passive income


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