The Ultimate Blog Challenge – How to Grow Your Online Business is offering an ultimate blog challenge by teaching us all how we can grow our online business. This is a FREE course which was introduced by Ellen Finkelstein on April 1.

Here is how the whole month will look like according to Ellen:

The 1st week is Make Your Website Rock! I’ll explain what your website needs to include on the home page, tell you which is the most important page of your website,  what makes a great website, give you 5 quick sources for blog post ideas, and more.

The 2nd week is Reach the World and it’s all about growing your list. This is SO important for your success. I’ll talk about strategy and technology and cover both email subscribers and social mediafollowers.

We haven’t talked about making money yet, so the 3rd week is all about Creating and Selling Products. I’ll show you how to create products quickly and how to sell them.

In week 4, I’m going to stretch you to really grow fast with Partnerships and Events. All successful marketers partner with others and use events to bring in the crowds. I’ll talk about no-money partnerships and affiliate partnerships. Then I’ll talk about events such as webinars and multi-speaker summits. I once grew my list by 3,000 people with a multi-speaker event, so I know how powerful this can be. I’ll explain to you how to plan and deliver your first one.

To know more about this 30-day ultimate blog challenge, please check out the following links:

Grow Your Online Business: Day 1 (Ultimate Blog Challenge)

Grow Your Online Business: Day 2 (Ultimate Blog Challenge)

Grow Your Online Business: Day 3 (Ultimate Blog Challenge) Why your home page isn’t your most important page



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