How to Create a Killer Opt-In Form

???????????????????????????????????????As online marketers, we all want to grow our email list, right? Well, having great opt-in forms can do the trick.  Below are a few tips you can do to create a killer opt-in form:

  1. The design – The design should create an impact. To do this, you can use contrasting colors. This will make your call to action stand out.

  2. The message – The shorter the better. Focus on what benefits people can get out of it. The message / benefits should be very clear and should be in just one sentence.

  3. The length of the form – You don’t need a long form. You only need the most crucial information like their name and email address. People tend to sign up at the spur of the moment. If it will take them a long time to sign up, they might lose interest.

So try these tips out and see how fast your email list increases!

For more insight on this matter, please head to this link: Why You’ll Never Get More Leads From Your Website If You Don’t Know These Three Tips


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