Increase Traffic from Google in Many Ways

traffic-light-collection-21830989Do you know that there are ways and means that you can do for you to increase the traffic your site get from Google? And this is without building links. Let me give you four ways:

1. In-depth articles
When you add some signals to your HTML, your content can now qualify to appear on the search engine’s first page.

2. Improving user satisfaction
Try to improve the experience of your visitors when they visit your site.

3. Rich snippets from structured data
You can check this out to guide you:  Guide to Generating Rich Snippets

4. Video optimization
Video snippets can capture more search real estate than any other type of rich snippet so use that.

To know more tips on how you can increase traffic to your site from Google, please head to this link: 12 Ways to Increase Traffic From Google Without Building Links


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