Branden Hampton’s Way to Getting More Vine Followers

vine_logoDo you want to become Vine famous? Let’s take it from someone who is indeed famous on Vine, Branden Hampton. He has more than 20 Twitter accounts with almost 12 million followers and is making his living as a social media influencer.

Below are just three of his easy yet amazing tips on how to get a lot of followers on Vine:

1. Create and share content that is original, engaging, that your audience loves and surely they will follow.

2. Share videos  that will resonate with your followers. This way, your followers will re-vine the vid and share it with their friends as well.

3. Know what the trending topics are and capitalize on them. 

To find out more, watch Branden Hampton’s interview regarding getting more Vine followers here:  How to Get More Followers on #Vine: Interview with Branden Hampton




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