Things You Should Know About WordPress

d-wordpress-illustration-blue-white-background-32015239Don’t miss out on the following features that WordPress has. Whether you’re a veteran user or not, it’s still great to know the following things:

  1. Changing how often the trash is emptied – There’s a code you need to add so you can control when WordPress empties trashed pages and posts.
  2.  Changing how often WordPress autosaves your content – There’s a code you need to add to autosave your content every so often. 
  3. Automatically embedding video, audio and other media into your content – You can embed content from various media sites by pasting the URL into your content.
  4. Changing the default media embed sizes – There are default settings for each media size. You can actually also control whether the thumbnails are cropped to exact dimensions or are resized proportionally. 
  5. Screen Options – You will be surprised at how many options are turned off by default. If you want WordPress to work for you, you’ll need to change some of these. 

To find out more, please head to: 5 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT WORDPRESS! PART 1




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