How to Help Yourself by Helping Others Too

??????????????????????????????????????If you are an expert at something, you probably receive a lot of requests from time to time asking for your help. Are you the type who ends up giving way too much information without getting anything in return? If so, how do you deal with this? What can you do the next time someone asks for a more detailed information about your expertise in such a way that it benefits you as well?

Here are some tips:

1. Write a blog post about it

Let them know that you’ll write a blog post about it. When you do that, invite them to subscribe to your newsletter as well so they’ll know when that particular blog post is up. This way, you get to help them and at the same time, you get to have a new subscriber as well.

2. Provide a link

If you’ve already written about the same topic before, then you can share with them the link to that blog post. By doing so, you get to help them and hopefully, they subscribe to your blog as well.

3. Offer your paid services

If the topic needs a lot more detailed information then respond by saying that it would really require more of a conversation or face to face meeting rather than just a simple email or message.

Find out more what else you can do by going to this link: How to respond to requests for information–way too many requests



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