When to Ask Feedback for Your Business

feedback-24006731As online entrepreneurs, it is important for us to find out how our customers see us. Are they satisfied with the products and services we offer? What more can be done to ensure that we deliver the things they need from us?  This is why oftentimes, surveys or feedback questionnaires are sent to customers. But then, we should not expect everyone to answer these surveys for various reasons. On the other hand, we should also know when the best time is to ask for feedback so more of our customers will be able to answer our surveys.

More often than not, here are three examples of appropriate times to ask for surveys:

  1. After or during an interaction – such as after an event, while signing up for your email list, after purchase, after donating. These are targeted directly at the people who just interacted at you.

  2. Anytime – when they bump into your company online (email, newsletter, website, social media) they see a link asking for feedback. Not targeted – it’s just out there.

  3. Planned – such as annual feedback from donors, monthly questions about improving the newsletter or website, etc. By invitation only and the invitees are selected.

Learn more about this by heading to this post:  How to Make an Effective Survey for Your Business


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