5 Ways To Get Social Media Leads

leads-prospects-customers-26339823Not all leads are created equal so even if you get 100 leads for example, that doesn’t guarantee you that any one of them will convert into sales. On the other hand, you can get only 5 leads and be able to convert them all. Having this in mind, here are 5 ways to garner more leads using social media:

1. Design The Perfect Lead Magnet – You can do this by solving a specific problem that your prospects may have. This lets you get quality leads that can turn into sale.

2. Optimize Landing Pages For Social – When people open heir social emdia accounts, they don’t expect o be bombarded with sales asking them to buy from you. So what you do instead is optimize the landing pages that contain your lead magnet for social traffic. An example of doing this is by uploading a 3 minute video showing how your lead magnet can solve your target prospects’ problems and concerns. This is way better tghan asking them outright to buy your 300-page ebook for example.

3. Post At Optimal Times – Experiment for yourself which times are most optimal to post an update. But don’t just stick to a specific hour. Post many times a day to make sure that different people get to see your updates.

4. Post Consistently – Promote your lead magnets on a regular basis. It resulted to increased optins for others and surely, it will increase yours too.

5. Use Different Messaging – Different social media platforms are used by people for different reasons. So make sure you customize your messages for each social network.

To know more about these things, please head to: 5 Tips To Get More Leads From Social Media


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