Important Social Media Sites for Your Business

social-media-24682595Which social media sites are the most important to a small business? It really depends on who your target market is. But in general, these five social media sites below are known to help increase the volume of sales of small businesses:

Facebook – because they sell to consumers. It’s cheap to build a Facebook page where you can promote your business and it’s easy to track too.

Twitter – can amplify the other social media you are doing.

Google Plus – known as the sort of rival to Facebook, and it does a whole lot more.

YouTube – is the second-largest search engine (Google is the largest). With youtube, you can upload short instructional or promotional videos for your business.

LinkedIn – this is great for connecting with other business people who can complement your own business.  i

Aside from these top social media sites, your website and blog will add value to your small business too.

To find out more how you can improve your business with the use of social media, please head to this link: Which Social Media Sites are the Most Important to a Small Business?


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