5 Things You Can Do To Make Your Blog Successful

love-blogging-26336587What is the role of blogs in terms of the future of content marketing? In your particular industry, which blogs do you see as the most successful? Well, there are 5 things companies need to think about in order for a business blog to be successful:

1. Align customer information needs (by customer segment and buying cycle) with marketing/business objectives to create an editorial plan
2. Leverage tools to plan and manage a content calendar that can adapt and be optimized (for messaging and conversions, not just SEO)
3. Grow and involve a community with the company blog, don’t just push information. Co-create and curate community content.
4. Be visual – images and video content in blogs have substantially greater reach, shares and engagement rates
5. Leverage buyer journey and content lifecycle analytics to determine performance optimization opportunities. Do the same for other intended audiences: current customers, industry media, potential employees, investors and partners. Use data to optimize performance but not at the expense of brand messaging and customer engagement.

To get more insight about this, please head to: Business Blogging in a Content Marketing World – 5 Steps to Success


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