4 Ways to Format Your Blog the Right Way

When you make a blog, you want other people to read it, right? You want your initial readers to want to keep coming back for more, right? mechanic-tools-15681947So how do you make sure that the people who visit your blog will want to keep reading and yearning for more? Here are 4 things you can do to format your blog the right way:

1. Write an inviting heading. – Your heading should be clear and targeted to the audience you are trying to attract. Your visitors should immediately know that the content will be valuable to them.

2. Chunk your content. – The reality of the web is that people have ADD and they don’t like going over something that looks long and tedious to read. So chunk it up to pieces. How?

  • Short paragraphs
  • Short sentences
  • Lots of bulleted and numbered lists

3. Add an image or video. -People love it and when they see an interesting photo or watch a few seconds of your video and like it, they tend to stay to read the whole blog post.

4. Format for readability. –  Choose a theme for your blog that creates a text that’s easy to read.

To learn more, please head to this link: 4 steps to format your blog so people will read it


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