8 SEO Basics Today

SEOThrough the years, the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) have already changed. The guidelines you may have followed back in the day may no longer apply as to how Google and other search engines rank the multitude of websites out there. On this post, I will share with you the most current SEO basics that you must follow if you want your website to be crawled by Google spiders, thereby ranking well among all other similar sites online.

1. Domain Names – Choose your domain name wisely, one that is easy to remember and tells your readers what your website is about.

2. Web Hosting – Choose a web host that offers 24×7 support and 99%+ uptime with redundant connections time.

3. Website Design – Web Design should be mobile friendly, responsive and follows Google’s guidelines.

4. Website Copy – Write high quality relevant content of at least 300 words and do so for your audience and not for the search engines.

5. Anchor text – Use descriptive anchor text in your copy.

6. Stay away from link schemes – Don’t focus too much on link building and, instead, focus on producing high quality and original content that others will want to link.

7. Use social media marketing – Set up your social media networks like Google Plus, Facebook, etc. to help promote your website and get it indexed quicker.

8. Use Google’s Webmaster Resources – Use them to help monitor your site’s usage and see what areas you still need help in.

For more information, please head to:  8 SEO Basics – Back to Basics Best Practices



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