Tips to Insert Images in WordPress

imagesAre you new at WordPress? Would you like to know the steps on how you can insert images in WordPress the right way? Here are the basic steps:

  1. Click in the blog post where you want the image to go. You only specify the text line, because you’ll be able to specify left or right alignment later.

  2. Click Add Media, then Upload Files, then Select Files.

  3. Find your image and click Open.

  4. Watch at the right while your image uploads. When you can see the image, select the file name (right-click the name and choose Select All or press Ctrl + A).

  5. Right-click and choose Copy or press Ctrl + C to copy the image’s file name to the clipboard.

  6. Click in the Alt Text box. Right-click and choose Paste or press Ctrl + V.

  7. Choose Link, None. There’s no need to link to the image; in fact, why lead people away from your post? If you’re selling something and your image is a product image like an e-book cover, choose custom URL and link to the sales page/

  8. From the Alignment drop-down list, choose the alignment you want.

  9. From the Link To drop-down list, choose None most of the time. If the image is a product image such as the cover of an e-book, choose custom URL and enter the URL of the sales page for the product.

  10. From the Size drop-down list, choose the size you want. For an image at the top of a blog post, Medium is usually best. For an image that you want to center and which needs to be larger, choose Full Size. You may have to manually adjust the image size later by selecting it and dragging it from one of the corner handles.

  11. Click Insert into Post.

If you want to know more about images like where you can get free ones you can use for your WordPress blog or how you should name your images and assign keywords for SEO purposes, please head to this link:  How to insert images in WordPress–the right way 


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