Which is a better shopping cart? e-junkie or 1ShoppingCart?

shopping cart1Shopping carts have their pros and cons and it’s always up to the user which one is better for his or her needs. As for e-junkie and 1ShoppingCart, it all boils down to how their affiliate program works. You can try both and see which one is easier for you. But on this post I will share with you an internet marketer’s personal experience with both.

For Ellen Finkelstein, it’s all about having a personal connection with each of the other internet marketers she comes across with after being an affiliate for them, helping them promote their courses and products. What usually happens is that the marketer would give her an affiliate link plus some marketing materials. It’s indeed a lot easier when things are handed to you on a silver platter so to speak. And she wants to do the same thing for her affiliates as well.

Find out all the details here on what made her decide  to use 1ShoppingCart and let go of her  e-junkie account. You’ll find it useful and you could save a lot of time and effort deciding which shopping cart to use: Comparing shopping carts: e-junkie vs 1ShoppingCart




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