How to Make Your Target Market Follow You

1328669867SX1O9VHave you been in a situation online, particularly in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn where you join groups that follow other people’s twitter and Facebook pages as well?  Sure, seeing the numbers of your fans and followers increase seem exciting but what value does it really give you in terms of getting people who are in your target market?

In this post “Stick to targeted followers only!” you’ll learn the reason why it’s important to stick to your targeted market only.

For building your list, you can also go into partnerships. Here are a few of the reasons why partnerships are valuable for your business:

  1. Find a person who serves the same target market as you but who provides a different service or product; this person isn’t a competitor.
  2. Subscribe to their newsletter and read their free download
  3. If you think their download would be valuable to your subscribers (and vice versa), connect with the person.

For more information and tips about getting followed by your target market, please check out this link: Stick to targeted followers only!


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