Online Storage Sites for Your Files

1275398912lqTCleIt’s true that there are numerous sites you can use to store your most precious files online. Below are the four most popular ones that you might also find very useful:

  • Amazon S3: If it’s security you’re looking for, Amazon S3’s reputation is built on that. And in terms of controlling your files’ privacy, you can do that here too. It only costs at least $2 a month. Give it a try.
  • Dropbox: This one can be integrated with your computer.  
  • SkyDrive: This one integrates with Microsoft Office as it is from the same company.
  • Google Drive: This one is from Google. You might be familiar with its interface. It’s formerly called Google Docs.

So if you have files like videos, products, and what-not that aren’t ready to go live and public yet but you need places where you can keep them, try these online storage sites. They are mostly free services that have become very popular with online users. For more information, please head to: Safe places to store files online



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