How to Market Your Brand via Twitter (Do’s and Don’ts)

1267998479yV1Wi0Twitter marketing is essential these days to reach out to potential customers. But there are a couple of do’s and don’ts you have to follow if you want to gain continued support from your fans and followers. Here’s the summary:

  1. DON’T use bots and follower-boosting schemes. Instead, DO provide content that naturally engages.
  2. DON’T overuse hashtags and keywords. Instead, DO find a good balance between keywords and hashtags.
  3. DON’T focus on just your own content. Instead, DO mix in retweets and other interaction with followers and like-minded tweeters.
  4. DON’T misappropriate other businesses’ hashtags. Instead, DO come up with original hashtags that specifically further your business.
  5. DON’T fill in all 140 characters of the tweet. Instead, DO limit yourself to around 120 characters to make room for retweets plus the retweeter’s comments.
  6. DON’T  automatically unfollow someone who doesn’t follow you back. Instead, DO try interacting with them!

These guidelines will take you to a good start when marketing your brand via twitter. For more information, please head to:  The Dos and Dont’s of Twitter Etiquette for Marketing Your Brand




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