Things to Avoid When Blogging

??????????????????????????????????????Whether you’re a private blogger or a blogger for a company, there are things you should avoid when posting things online. Below are five  online reputation slips that bloggers must avoid at all costs. By doing so, you become more responsible as a blogger and your readers will appreciate you more. 

Annulling Other People’s Values

Even if this is your blog or your own facebook page and you have the right to convey your own thoughts and views, other people might still get offended especially with topics concerning religion and politics. So as much as possible, try to stay neutral and don’t step on other people’s toes. 

Making People Feel Bad about Themselves

Nothing good can ever come out of bashing other people. So, be kind. Always.

Ignoring Negative Feedback

Sometimes, it’s okay to ignore negative feedback from people who are deemed crazy. But if you can be logical, factual and argumentative about negative comments, then do so. Ignoring them will just make it seem like you’ve lost the battle. So answer those feedback but wait til you’re no longer angry or emotional about it.

Pretending to Be Someone You’re Not

People can sense when you’re sincere and when you’re not. The more honest you are, the more your readers will appreciate and follow you.

Being Afraid to Show Your Human Side

This is somehow related to being true. After all you are human. Readers tend to like bloggers more who can show their real selves online rather than by just being impersonal and cold with your posts all the time.

For more insights about this matter, please head to:  5 Online Reputation Slips Every Blogger Should Avoid


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