How URLs Bring Traffic to Your Website

nameURLs of blog posts should be formatted in such a way that they help bring traffic to your website. Unfortunately, there are still those who don’t know this and end up having URLs that look gibberish like this one: This kind of URL does not only look cryptic but most importantly, they don’t help in your blog’s SEO (search engine optimization) at all. So what you do is make sure your URL looks pretty. What do we mean by this? “Pretty links” are those which use keywords so google spiders can crawl them more when people look for topics pertaining to your blog posts. An example of a pretty link is this: Doesn’t this look much nicer? Plus, upon seeing this URL, you instantly know what the blog post is all about — search engine optimization!

To find out more how you can prettify your URLs and make sure they help optimize your rankings in the search engines, head over to this post: How to format the URLs of your blog posts so they make sense and bring more traffic to your website


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